Langhard & Co AB

Langhard & Co AB – IT consultants and wellness.

Education and competence development are key to Langhard & Co’s successes. All of the employees contribute with their specific know-how and passionate commitment for the company to achieve the goal of satisfied customers. Regardless of the needs that may arise, we as partner ensure a unique commitment in every little detail.

The customer in focus is a keyword for us. We create long-term relationships every day, our customers will feel highly prioritized and a little spoiled. Of course, we feel satisfied each time we meet customer expectations but it’s only when we surpass them as we show what we really can.

Our business areas

  • IT Consultants and Web Hosting
  • Personal Training and Health Care

IT Consultants

Personal visit by a technician who fixes all IT in place.
You can also get technical help with IT by phone, email or remote desktop.

Examples of help that entrepreneurs can get are applications, services, installation assistance, server, malfunctioning, and hardware and networking.

Langhard Web services

A web hosting service for those who want your website to feel at home.
With a few simple clicks you can get started with website, blog and email.

Safer website with SSL
An SSL certificate encrypts the traffic between your site and your visitors, which makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to steal sensitive information (such as login or account information).

With just one click, you can start a blog based on WordPress, the world’s most used blog tool. Choose from thousands of cool themes and add optional plugins to your blog to get it exactly as you like.

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Training and Wellness

We offer personal training and group training at CrossFit Täby.

Langhard Wellness is connected to Actiway. We receive FaR, physical activity on prescription.

Benefits of personal training

Personal training gives motivation, variety and knowledge. The training is tailored to your needs and goals. Follow-up causes the training to turn off and shows that it gives results. You will get more and learn new exercises, which means that your training will not be boring. The risk of injury decreases and you reach your goals faster. You get stronger and feel better. The training will be safe, efficient and fun.


Contact Joakim Langhard to speak about IT or contact Helena Langhard to speak healthcare questions.